Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: devs fixed bugs, improved gameplay, and optimized its performance.

What’s new in MCPE

Although the Nether Update is already out, Mojang Studios keeps overhauling it. This time, they’ve enhanced some specific blocks and aspects.

Additionally, devs worked on crash reasons as well. Minecraft PE won’t quit unexpectedly when a boos name is modified.

Moreover, the ability to rename bosses is once again in the game. It means anyone can easily access core files of the sandbox.

Besides, some Simplified and Traditional Chinese users were not tolerated and respected by the game. MCPE will fully support these languages.


By the way, a fishing rod usually reacts when used on a mob. On the other hand, Nintendo Switch users can enter their Realms worlds once again.

Plus, cod and salmon now drop cooked version if killed by fire in Minecraft PE Thus fish and land animals act similarly.

Technically, several mobs weren’t able to find paths to act sequentially. However, this little update has solved this issue.

Developers are still making sure anyone can modify and change their game however they want. Therefore the sandbox survival’s UI supports JSON files from now on.

Moreover, there is /structure command in MCPE, which allows saving and copying buildings without a structure block.


Furthermore, devs have been putting some effort into making both Java and Bedrock Editions the same. That’s why sea turtles now have a sound when laying eggs.

Dolphins dry out in two minutes in Minecraft PE, so you should make sure they are in the water. By the way, basalt blocks can no longer be destroyed by a ghast blast.

Generally, this small update has done a lot in order to better the overall gaming experience. It feels way better thanks to it.



You should open core files on your smartphone.

You must combine netherite scraps and gold.

You need a gold ingot to get something from them.


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