Ben 10 Mod for MCPE

Download the Ben Ten mod for Minecraft PE: get to know famous characters and fight off alien worlds’ horrors.

Ben Ten MCPE Mod Highlights

Ben Ten, or Ben 10, is an animated TV series that was on television for a long time in the 2000s.

Thanks to the neverending stories and bizarre creatures trying to stop the main character, it has become increasingly popular.

However, it’s a superhero series, denoting good will always prevail and outnumber evil. On the other hand, Minecraft PE is a perfect ground to remake the well-known series as a modification.

Now, multiple handcrafted ambitious mods, maps, and texture packs are available for free on the Web. Generally, you’ll be able to meet Ben Ten and his trusty friends.


First of all, MCPE users that installed this ambitious addon will find the Omnitrix’s owner. Ben Tennyson has sixty hearts and deals lots of damage.

If you make him angry, he’ll kill you in no time — with only two punches. On the other hand, this mob does not replace anyone in this sandbox survival.

This genius also attacks other hostile mobs and the Omnitrix once dead. You can give it to another Ben Tennyson you’ll come across since they spawn quite often in Minecraft PE.


As a matter of fact, Omnitrix is an ancient artifact that came to Earth with a meteorite that landed a long time ago. Ben found it first and now uses it to turn himself into alien living beings.

Our main hero has the artifact most of the time, but some spawned mobs do not have it in MCPE. If you give one to them, they will once again be able to turn into bizarre animals.


Ben 10 mod features a lot of forms that a small guy with enormous brains can turn in. There are galactic dogs, men of muscle, Humanoids, Lightning, Plasma, and more odd monsters.

Luckily, Ben Ten is on your side most of the time. Therefore Minecraft PE players won’t have to deal with them.

Ben Ten Mod
1.16.0 – 1.19.51


He spawns naturally all around the world.

No, you do not know how to use it.

Yes, if you make him angry.


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