MCPE 0.17.0

Download Minecraft PE 0.17.0 Ender Update for free on Android: the final boss of the game, another creepy dimension, and lots of fresh-looking blocks.

What’s new in MCPE 0.17.0?

Mojang Studios are finally ready to present their next major update. It’s about to fix the endgame of this beloved sandbox survival. Players had no purpose prior.

However, they do have an ultimate goal in Minecraft PE 0.17.0. Users have sworn to undermine the Ender Dragon’s supremacy.

The Portal

Nonetheless, your way to overthrow the final boss is going to be complicated. First of all, you have to obtain blaze rods and powder out of it.

Therefore you must get to the Nether first, denoting spending some time in the mines trying to find diamonds. Moreover, players have to hunt down Endermen in MCPE 0.17.0.

Generally, players tend to avoid those tall and slender creatures, but times change, and now we have to get pearls for the portal.

The best strategy is to get in a pool of water and trigger an Enderman: it won’t be able to get to you, and a player shall effortlessly slay them.

Once you’ve collected all the required ingredients, assemble an Eye of Ender and use it to find the nearest Fortress in Minecraft PE 0.17.0.

The Dragon

Upon arriving in the End dimension, players will immediately notice the grimness around them. There’s no light, but you do not need torches.

Build your way up to the main island before the Ender Dragon pushed you off the bridge. One’s primary goal at that moment is to destroy the End Crystals perched atop the obsidian towers in MCPE 0.17.0.

When no life source is left, begin to battle the boss itself: it won’t heal anymore.

The End Gateway, tons of experience orbs, and a Dragon Egg shall spawn upon the death of the usurper’s death.

The End

Generally, this place is quite gloomy, and there’s no reason to stay here any moment longer after your victory. However, there’s the Outer End.

It’s a scattered area with numerous teensy isles and chorus plants in Minecraft PE 0.17.0. One can find yonder End Cities.



Throw an Ender Pearl to reach the End Gateway.


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