MCPE 1.1.2

Download Minecraft PE 1.1.2 Discovery Update for free on Android: Adventure game mode, off-hand slot, Vindicators, and more.

What’s new in MCPE 1.1.2?

Mojang Studios released another update bringing loads of content concerning the exploration aspects of the game.

For instance, there is a massive building in Minecraft PE 1.1.2 spawning in the Dark Forest biome where unfriendly and hazardous villagers live.


This place is called Woodland Mansion, and it is truly monumental. You can spot it from a thousand-yard distance since it has three floors and dozens of rooms.

MCPE 1.1.2 features hidden chests within the Woodland Mansion walls and floors. Many users are unsuccessful in finding them. You can set this entire place on fire.

It is made of wood and wool, so there’ll be nothing in a few minutes. Sincerely, this is the best and fastest way to spot those covered crates. Chests do not burn in Minecraft PE 1.1.2, after all.


Although this overhaul is all about exploration and discovering mysteries, there are multiple brand new and fresh-looking blocks you can use in your everyday life.

Concrete powder and block are two interconnected blocks in MCPE 1.1.2. You can craft powder using gravel, sand, and any of all sixteen dyes.

Then you must place it either underwater or pour some liquid on it, so it transforms into a solid concrete block.

This vibrant and colorful block has a straight texture making it an excellent solution to many decor problems.

Furthermore, there is glazed terracotta, another extraordinary vivid block in Minecraft PE 1.1.2. It has all 16 colors and quite bizarre texture.

Nevertheless, you can still use it everywhere you want, so your builds look fantastic. It’s made by smelting dried clay in a furnace.



Smelt a dried clay block.

You can resurrect yourself with it.

This extraordinary mobs live in savannas and mountains.


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