Download Minecraft PE for android with a working Xbox Live: use recovery compass, use commands for finding biomes, turn on Spectator mode, and much more!

What’s new in Minecraft

The team of authors from Mojang Studios continued to work on the Wild Update update. The Minecraft PE allows you to use the Spectator mode without bugs that occurred earlier.

Users can use additional resources in their world and enjoy the gameplay without crashing.

Spectator mode

Using this option, Minecraft users will notice additional details. Frost Walker enchants will no longer work in Spectator mode.

Mobs that previously mistakenly tried to ride the spectator don’t do that anymore. If there is a parrot on Steve’s shoulder, it will fly away before the player activates Spectator mode.

The peculiarity of the mode is that no effects apply to the MCPE player, and mobs are not afraid of him.

Blocks and items

Minecraft PE players can get many different blocks and items in the game’s biomes, as well as in the inventory of the creative mode. Now they have access to iron ingots, which users can get by a command.

There are no more errors with the disappearance of the light blocks with the armor standing on them.

You can use a recovery compass to find the place of the last player’s death. Such an item in Minecraft can be crafted from special items — echo shards found in the Ancient City. Users can craft boats with chests for a water journey with all the staff.

Other changes

Mojang developers constantly want to equalize Bedrock and Java Editions. It is worth noting that inside Minecraft PE, another aspect has been worked out in this direction: the search for structures through the /locate command is performed as in the PC edition.

By the way, there are much fewer crashes in the game world than before.



This monster lives in the Deep Dark biome.

This mod can pick up items for Steve.


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