Download the family mod for Minecraft PE: get yourself a girlfriend or a boyfriend, fiancee, and even children.

What does the family mod do in MCPE?

Minecraft PE is a game about fighting monsters, crafting tricky contraptions, and mining precious material.

However, it has always been lacking love and family.

However, some romantic enthusiasts decided to put an end to it, adding girlfriends and boyfriends.

It means you can finally get engaged as well as cared by someone you’ve missed so much in the game. You have to be alone no more in MCPE.

Where can I find a girlfriend?

Love is a random thing in the real world, but it’s quite smooth and predictable in Minecraft PE. The love of your entire life always lives in villagers.

It turns out this modification replaces old villagers making them smarter and more realistic in the game. For example, they have schedules now and you can form families with them.

Besides, they care about each other, and luckily citizens can care about you if you marry them. It’s rather effortless to appoint a wedding in MCPE.

Those “smart” villagers are not clever enough to choose whether they want you or not. Fortunately for users, it means you can engage with anyone of them and create a family.

All the players need to do with the girlfriend mod on is to craft a wedding ring, which is technically just a diamond in Minecraft PE. Now, find your perfect wife and give the precious to her.

Where can I find a boyfriend?

Fortunately for ladies and gays, there is a Boyfriend mod as well. Literally, all MCPE villagers have turned into charming fellas you can marry.

The conditions are still the same — get the ring, and he is yours.

By the way, both girlfriends and boyfriends can carry you on their shoulders.

Quick transport is another advantage of a strong partnership or a healthy family in the game. However, your companions are invincible and will continually follow their lover in Minecraft PE.

Notwithstanding, users can even give them things they can store in their large pockets. So, matrimony is perhaps the best thing that happened to you ever.

0.14.0 – 1.19.51
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


You can take to your partner and read the contract.

It replaces diamonds.

Sit on them and open their inventory.


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