Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: piglins, hoglins, striders, and a lot of new blocks are now a part of the game.

What is in MCPE

Mojang has announced that another renewal of the game will be related to the Nether. That’s why this place has been totally overhauled in MCPE

For example, now there are dozens of new blocks to construct something majestic. At the same time, brand-new creatures will bring life to the void that has been there since the release.


In particular, Piglins and Hoglins are now sharing space in the Nether. These funky creatures are initially hostile, but they can become your friends or not attack you at least.


Piglins are quite smart: they create communities and trade with players. But before you start throwing away all your good in expect of other goodies, you should prepare.

It turns out, they adore gold. Thus you should wear at least one piece of golden armor in MCPE It might be just a helmet or a chest plate.

Piglins do not have a special menu where you can trade — all you gotta do is to either click on them or throw gold ingots to their side. They accept only gold, but in return, they might give a plethora of different things.

For example, crying obsidian that is used to set your spawn point in the Nether of Minecraft PE


These creatures, on the other hand, are somewhat “walking food” types. Hoglins are always hostile, but remarkably you can breed them. It’s the only food source in the Nether.

Since they are hostile, it’ll be easy for you to bring them along. Feed them red mushroom and a baby hoglin will pop up. After killing one of the hoglins a player may expect pork to drop.


There is another new mob in MCPE It’s a strider, and you can even tame them. Striders spawn in lava oceans. They roam there endlessly and aimlessly, but you can give them purpose.

By mounting them with a mushroom and a stick and a saddle on it, you can now travel across these “hot waters” of the Nether.

Overall, these creatures and dozens of not-mentioned blocks as well as other features have made the game more interesting.



Only 1 netherite ingot is needed to upgrade your diamond armor.

Yes, netherite tools are now in the game.

Lena Raine has composed 4 new songs for the game.


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