Download Minecraft PE Nether Update for free on Android: a lot of fixes and new features with mobs and blocks are now officially a part of the game.

What’s been added in MCPE

Well, this time, Mojang Studios decided to work on the performance of the game. It doesn’t mean there are no new features, though. Firstly, there are unique creatures.

For instance, striders will be roaming around the lava oceans of the Nether in Minecraft PE Meanwhile, Nether Bricks’ texture has got a renovation.

The same thing happened to the blocks like Chiseled Netherbricks and Quartz Bricks.

General improvements

In celebration of the 11 anniversary of the game, developers from Sweden announced they are modernizing their logo. Now it’s prettier and stylish. Besides, Mojang is now Mojang Studios.

Thus you’ll see an updated loading screen in Minecraft PE One of the most exciting features of the Nether Update is the biomes. By the way, there will be at least 5 stunning sub biomes of the Underground world.

Warped Forest is the rarest one from now on. Devs wanted to make it more intriguing to find. You should try to discover this unique place leastwise to get warped fungi to tame a strider.

In addition to that, the currently playing music will continue to play even if you enter the warped forest. It’s been a big problem before MCPE


There are some gameplay changes in the Nether Update. For example, barrier block no longer spawns in Bastion Remnants. Also, this place’s chests will always generate with loot.

Some players reported this annoying issue earlier. It’s hard to find this place, and seeing an empty chest is genuinely disappointing.

Minecraft PE users got new achievements like “Oh, shiny.” You can get it after distracting a piglin with a gold ingot.

Among other things, bizarre vegetation can be found in the Nether. Players are able to get Twisting and Weeping Vines in Warped and Crimson Forests.

The strangest thing about them is that they grow upwards against all the physics laws.



Yes, Mojang Studios did everything they could to make the game enjoyable.

A strider is a mountable creature that lives in lava oceans.

Thanks to the Respawn Anchor and Crying Obsidian you can change your spawn point.


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