PewDiePie Map for MCPE

Download the PewDiePie map for Minecraft PE: get to explore the Broland and its surroundings.

PewDiePie Map Highlights

The most popular singlehandedly led YouTuber channel belongs to PewDiePie, and he decided to start so-called Gaming Week and play Minecraft PE once on a summer day.

His Broland map has become so famous since it features various rare and unique sights users usually spend a lot of time finding.

Besides, many MCPE users closely followed all his playthrough and witnessed numerous unforgettable and unbelievable moments.

Therefore it was a matter of time when there’s going to be PewDiePie’s map available free on the Web. Luckily, anyone can join the adventures of their favorite YouTuber.

Peculiar Sights

PewDiePie has an incredibly bizarre imagination, thanks to which many ordinary Minecraft PE users found his creations and decisions a bit odd.

However, this quirk also makes Broland so unique and outstanding compared to the maps of other YouTubers. There are dozens of outlandish things to visit and admire.

For instance, the marvelous Meatball is still here and shines in its glory as never before. There’s an elevator inside the Meatball. You can build your own bee-farm in it if you want to follow PewDiePie’s latest decisions.

On the other hand, the most extraordinary tower of all, the IKEA tower, stands still despite being removed in the latest MCPE episodes.

Anyone can climb up and pay some respect to Joergen #1, who died brutally by suffocating in the Nether Portal.
This terrible event has not been missed, and there’s a memorial to the fastest horse there ever been in Minecraft PE.


Furthermore, it’s no wonder why there are so many Swedish flags since PewDiePie is a patriot like no other. However, this peculiar YouTuber is a big fan of Japan as well.

Thus you can find some Swedish-Japanese architectural decisions and constructions in this MCPE map.

For example, there’s Sven’s house and the oddly fitting main house with lots of material acutely categorized in chests.

0.14.0 – 1.19.51


No, it’s not there yet.

Sven sits inside the main house.


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