MCPE 1.6.1

Download Minecraft PE 1.6.1 Update Aquatic for free on Android: barriers, new arrows and potions, mobs, and effects.

MCPE 1.6.1 Highlights

Developers are still working hard on bringing new features into their beloved creation. Minecraft PE 1.6.1 has changed in many aspects. First of all, it’s about the phantoms.


This whole release is principally dedicated to one mob in particular. Phantom, or the Monster of Night Skies as it’s been called initially, is another aggressive mob to challenge the player’s supremacy at night.

It turns out they spawn only at one condition: if you do not sleep for more than three nights. You get a hidden setting called Insomnia on in MCPE 1.6.1.

That’s when you should watch the skies. It seems phantoms spawn in groups of one-three species at once. Their attacking strategy is somewhat sophisticated, so it won’t be easy to deal with them.

Phantoms pounce down at their victims from skies quite unexpectedly. Once swooped on successfully, they flee back to heights where you can’t get them in Minecraft PE 1.6.1.

Even using bows and arrows will be a challenging task to handle.


Nevertheless, once killed, phantoms drop their membranes. This item is utilized to craft the potion of Slow Falling. Obviously, you can make the splashing and lingering ones too.

As a matter of fact, there are arrows with the Slow Falling effect, so you could affect someone from a distance.

On the other hand, users may use membranes to repair their elytra in MCPE 1.6.1. It seems you can no longer fix it with common leather.


A barrier is a brand new block in Minecraft PE 1.6.1. Notwithstanding, ordinary Survival users will not be able to get it. It turns out it’s available only in Creative mode.

Consequently of its durability, the only ones who can appropriate this block are map creators. A barrier block is invisible and cannot be destroyed in any way possible.

Ergo the Barrier is an exceptional addition to the keen builders of MCPE 1.6.1.



The drop chance is quite high, so it won’t be a problem for you.

You cannot make a Barrier block.

You need a bottle of water, a Nether wart, a Phantom membrane, and powder.


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