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Download Minecraft PE for Android with a working Xbox Live: get bamboo blocks for building, create hanging signs, ride camels and much more!

Minecraft Beta

Players can already appreciate Minecraft PE, in which the developers have improved the gameplay, fixed bugs, and added some content.


There are a lot of blocks in the game world that serves as excellent material for construction. For example, Minecraft users can create buildings made of bamboo by analogy with other types of wood.

These blocks are the basis for the raft. The new transport can replace a boat with a chest: players can also transport their belongings on a raft.

By the way, levers have the same sounds as stone buttons.


There are chiseled bookshelves to store enchanted books in Minecraft PE The player can put up to 6 books on one shelf.

Users can craft hanging signs from different types of wooden blocks. Bamboo is also suitable as a material. Besides, in some cases, the hanging sign appears with double chains if the player is not sneaking.


The Minecraft player should go to a deserted village To meet a camel. There will spawn animals capable of carrying passengers and also their belongings.

Fighting mobs riding a camel is much easier because the player is above the other creatures, and it is impossible to get him.

Two players can sit on a camel at once, which makes the animal unique.

Bug fixing

The Mojang team fixed several bugs in Minecraft PE at once. For example, players will no longer have problems waking up when they teleport during sleep.

Issues with downloading resource packs in the game will no longer appear.

Many users have complained that the user interface flickers on Android when the keyboard appears. This error does not occur anymore.



Users can put enchanted books on it.

It can replace a boat with a chest.


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