ARK Mod for MCPE

Download the ARK mod for Minecraft PE: perilous dinosaurs and the prehistoric world is now a reality.

ARK Mod Highlights

ARK: Survival Evolved is perhaps the most popular dinosaurs-related game so far. It was released a few years ago but still makes millions of players happy.

This game is about survival in a dangerous world, mainly dominated by various dinos. These gigantic reptiles inhabit the land, water, and skies.

Thence it’s so exciting and simultaneously challenging to survive in ARK. Further, Survival Evolved is a multiplayer game, meaning you can’t play it on your own.

Therefore many Minecraft PE users have decided to bring this wondrous world of dinosaurs to another sandbox survival. We have dozens of mods, maps, and texture packs as an outcome of that.


Project Prehistoric is a massive and ambitious modification that tends to embody the idea of Minecraft PE: ARK Survival Evolved.

Players will encounter all types of dinosaurs as a result of the creators’ hard work. The Overworld will be filled with reptiles like Allosaurus, Baryonyx, Brachiosaurus, and Dilophosaurus.

You must understand the threat they incite: some of them do not mind wolfing down a player. MCPE has more than fifteen mobs with unique behavior.


On the other hand, Project Prehistoric also features new ores to mine, recipes to craft, eggs to hatch, and even pets to raise.

It seems Minecraft PE players can indeed drive some of the dinosaurs. Obviously, there is no possibility to tame a T-Rex, but you can still be content with minor and inferior reptiles.

Furthermore, there are new fossils as well: these predominantly generate in deserts and swamp areas as in original MCPE.

Generally, Project Prehistoric allows users to dive into the world of Ancientry.

ARK Project Prehistoric
1.10.0 – 1.19.51


Each dinosaur has its food, so try finding it.

No, some of them will be hostile forever.

They constitute the same level of menace as Ender Dragon does.


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