Mo Creatures

Download Mo Creatures mod for Minecraft PE for free: it adds lots of new bosses and mobs into the game.

Mo Creatures mod: What does this addon do?

Though Minecraft PE is known for its unique creatures like creepers, players are not entirely satisfied with them. People need more epic mobs and challenges in the game. That’s what Mo Creatures addon does.

It has already added a high number of new creatures into the Java Edition of the game. Still, now it’s time for its mobile version. Dozens of spooky and friendly animals like ducks, new types of zombies and etc. will be in the game.

What mobs did join the world?

Every biome of Minecraft PE will now have dozens of new creatures, according to the developers. For example, ducks, geese, and other household mobs can be found in the spacious plains and lush forest.

And that’s not all! Devs could achieve that significant number of mobs thanks to an old trick — adding new types of existing creatures.

For instance, Minecraft PE users will find not only cows but bulls.

Thereby camels, pigeons, ravens, and many other mobs will be roaming in the Overworld.

All-new mobs

At the same time, there’ll be lots of brand new animals. Tamable elephants, prehistoric mammoths with its specialized saddle and ostriches.

As has already been saying before, each and every biome will get a bunch of new beasts. Even the oceans! Hostile sharks, slow turtles, and tiny fish will be swimming in the deep waters of Minecraft PE.

Simultaneously, in the other part of the world, monkeys and gorillas will be having fun jumping and eating melons together. Penguins, seals, and deers will be your guests in tundra lands.

As you could guess, Mo Creatures mod for Minecraft Bedrock Edition adds quite significant amounts of critters. Every pool and tree trunk will be a house for a living thing.

That variety makes the game way better than it’s used to be.

0.12.3 – 1.19.51


Whales are rather rare creatures that can be found only in deep ocean biome.

You can get camel spawn egg by typing /give @your name 2829.

For that you’ll need 4 shark teeth and 3 sticks.


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