Download Minecraft PE Caves and Cliffs for free on Android: goats, powder snow, new mobs, and updated generation.

MCPE Highlights

Mojang Studios continue to update its sandbox survival game. For instance, they completely overhauled the Nether dimension recently.

Minecraft PE players may expect unknown biomes, bizarre creatures, and stunning blocks to build with.

Besides, we have also got a sneak-peek into the Caves & Cliffs update. There are goats and powder snow in the game now.

Moreover, some technical changes have obviously become a part of this free expansion. As a matter of fact, there are emotes in the game now.

Goats & Snow

Developers are finally ready to show a sneak-peek into some Caves & Cliffs Update features. Mischievous goats are now in MCPE They live on Mountain peaks and love to jump high up.

Furthermore, they can drop a horn if they hit a tree while running. Goats can knock off players if they get too close. Besides, there is a powder snow block.

Entities go through it and ignore fall damage if they land on it. Goats are smart enough to avoid those traps. As a matter of fact, if you wear leather boots you can go through the powder snow in Minecraft PE

You need to turn on the Caves & Cliffs switch in Experimental Gameplay settings.

Hoglins & Piglins

The Nether Update is as it is about the terrifying and threatening dimension found using the obsidian portals.

MCPE has added powerful beasts like Hoglins. They are the primary food source in this place. Even more, you can breed them, but it’ll be challenging since they are always hostile.

Quite regularly, you may come across Piglins hunting those pig-like creatures. Furthermore, users may barter with Piglins if they do have something made of gold.

They are angry and ready to use their golden swords and crossbows in the wild. Using the right method will allow you to lay hands on their hidden possessions in Minecraft PE


Mojang Studios keep working on making things more charming and inspiring to explore. For example, there are now five distinct biomes all throughout the Nether in MCPE

The Soul Sand Valley is a deadly place full of ghasts and skeletons. Evidently, you can expect lots of soul sand and soil laying around this biome.

The Basalt Deltas is a torrid location with loads of Magma Cubes jumping after an incautious user. There are Blackstones and basalt all along the biome.

Dense turquoise fog surrounds the Warped Forest. These woods are unwelcoming to many mobs in the Nether in Minecraft PE

On the contrary, Crimson Forest is a local paradoxical paradise in hell. Piglins and Hoglins live here most of the time.

Generally, this scorching dimension got a lot better and furnished a bit with mobs and generation updates in MCPE



Build a portal using 10 or 14 obsidian blocks.

Usually, those spawn in the Nether Voids.

No, all you can do with them is either to barter to to kill them.


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