Download Town map for Minecraft PE: large metropolises, tiny villages, and other living neighborhoods are now in the game.

What is a town in MCPE?

Well, every civilized human being lives either in a small town or in a vast city full of cars and air pollution. There is a lot to see in every settlement, which is rather excellent since it makes exploration more exciting.

Now, you can feel that vibe in MCPE too. There are hundreds of towns and cities on the Web, but here are the best ones. These will provide you with everything you would need.

Spooky Town

This miserable town, for example, has a built-in story. Besides, the map itself is a true masterpiece to gaze at. It has different unique locations you can visit in Minecraft PE.

The best part of Spooky Town by Zmiy is its story, which you can learn, having sweet and thoughtful conversations with numerous vividly adapted NPCs.

Some blocks and items have been redesigned to fit the aesthetics the map is trying to concoct in MCPE.

There are new mobs, a minigame where you have to fight off a horde of zombies, and much more.

MrBrownieHCs Brownietown

This Minecraft PE map is more likely to fit the roleplaying purposes since there are a plethora of medieval buildings.

For instance, forges, inns, small living apartments, and other themed stuff is on the map.

The best part of it is the details provided by the creator. Nearly every house has its well-decorated interior and fancy-looking exterior.

All of it makes this location a little sanctuary for anyone seeking a place to live in MCPE.

Avengers Tower

As it’s evident from the title, we are about to see Starks Tower. You could see it many times in Avengers movies.

Now, you can live there: vast pools, tons of comprehensive stuff, and etc.

It is enormous, actually, so you’ll be able to invite your friend to share a good spot in Minecraft PE.

Luckily, you ain’t going to get bored since there is so much fantastic to look at.

Spooky Town
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
MrBrownieHCs Brownietown
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Avengers Tower
0.14.0 – 1.19.51


Usually, they are like five big villages combined.

It depends from a map.

Yes, it would be even better.


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