Download TEI mod for Minecraft PE: get a chance to use your inventory freely and with full capacity.

What is TEI?

TEI, or Too Many Items, is an MCPE modification created to make the life of the fellow users easier. It turns out that with the help of TEI, you’ll be able to learn the recipes.

But it’s not all. Players also get a chance to get limitless Survival items, which might be crucial in some cases. But do not overuse it: it is forbidden to cheat on the public servers.

Too Many Items Mod with ToolBox

According to the devs, this addon will fit all players’ desires since it is making your inventory more efficient. For example, when installed, this addon will let you take all Minecraft PE items without a problem.

Nonetheless, first, you gotta set it up properly. After the download, open Settings and find the GUI. Afterward, choose Classical to be able to see the updated table.

This is it — you no longer need to worry about TEI since it even has automatic updates.

Use it freely. Let your creativity flourish in MCPE.

Advanced Too Many Items

TEI has many forms and even an advanced one. As it’s evident, its functionality pushes the boundaries even further. Now Minecraft PE players can change weather and much more.

For instance, you can set up spawn points, control the day and night cycle, and even heal yourself. There is another part of it, which allows you to manage the weather and start thunderstorms.

The developers of Too Many Items have made the teleportation system possible within the game. It turns out, users are able to set up different waypoints to teleport between them.

Not Enough Items Mod

Another TEI form is NEI, aka Not Enough Items. Its functions are quite the same, but it works better than TEI in some aspects. To open the menu, you gotta press the N button in the right bottom corner.

Now there will be lots of other buttons, which you can use absolutely openly. For example, Minecraft PE player can set up the weather or take any block he wants.

All in all, it’s very convenient to have while building something.

Too Many Items Mod with ToolBox
0.14.0 – 1.19.51
Advanced Too Many Items
1.2.0 – 1.19.51
Not Enough Items Mod
1.14.0 - 1.19.51


TEI means Too Many Items.

You will get banned since it’s against the rules to take items from nowhere.

To change the weather, you need to press the Rain button.


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