MCPE 0.15.7

Download Minecraft 0.15.7 for Android, and meet cute horses!

What’s newly added to Minecraft PE 0.15.7?

To a greater extent, the Minecraft PE 0.15.7 update is of a corrective nature. The developers of Mojang Studios focused on fixing bugs introduced by previous versions of the game. In addition, the text rendering has been improved. The Natural texture pack has been added. In total, the team has optimized and fixed 15 bugs.

In addition, new mechanisms and blocks have appeared in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.15.7. And the new texture pack makes the world around it detailed and realistic, which, of course, is an indisputable plus.


Another interesting block in Minecraft PE 0.15.7. Its main advantage is that the observer can watch and control the state of the block, which is adjacent to the sensor side. For example, it can be effectively used as a recognizer of visible changes in other blocks. But if you combine two such mechanisms, you get a compact impulsive signal source.


A peaceful inhabitant of many biomes, added in Minecraft PE 0.15.7. It will help the player and can be used as one of the types of movement around the world. To do this, you need to equip the horse with a saddle before taming it.

To tame the horses, the player needs to get closer to them and feed them. Floating hearts above the mob’s head will indicate successful taming.


In addition to the standard objects, in the Minecraft PE 0.15.7 update, there were such things as a fishing rod with a carrot, a tag, a leash. Perhaps they are not as effective in the game as the same compass or map. However, this is no less interesting. The tag is used only to rename or give a new name to the mob.

A carrot rod will be useful in steering a saddled pig, and a leash is used as a leash. If the user wants to bind the character to a fence or any other object, this is now possible with this thing’s help.



Yes, for this you need to drop the folder with the texture pack along the path games/com.mojang/resource_packs.

For this, a saddle must be used.

It can only be found in various structures and dungeons.


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