Download Minecraft PE Update Aquatic for free on Android: bug fixes, numerous exciting additions, and more marine features.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios has worked hard enough to deliver the best gaming experience possible. Minecraft PE focuses on technical problems solving and dealing with them.

However, we have new things to try out, of course. For instance, you can now become a turtle guardian.


Developers have added turtles and eggs laying system in MCPE, so their beloved and respected users could care about some living species.

It turns out zombies, skeletons, ocelots, pigmen, and even wild wolves will do their best to reach precious germs, crack them down, and snack.

One must stop them: scutes are dropped when a baby turtle becomes an adult in Minecraft PE They won’t obviously be able to do it if they are dead.

Interestingly enough, little tortoises are the smallest mobs in this sandbox survival. No one is tinier than they are already.

Turtle Shell

Mojang Studios couldn’t leave you without any practical and profitable reason to defend little but so innocent and weak reptiles in MCPE

Players are free to make Turtle Shell, or Helmet, out of five scutes.

It’s a new armor in the game for a long time now. It allows users to breathe underwater for 10 seconds more.

Technically, this helmet gives ten additional moments to your already existing breathing possibilities, making you almost as marine as tortoises themselves.


Some minor changes have taken place in Minecraft PE For example, tridents break no blocks in Creative mode any longer.

On the other hand, users can witness new cool-looking animation using the Riptide enchantment underwater or during rain. You make an actual barrel roll.

Furthermore, Unbreaking and Mending spells can be cast on a trident, making it one of the most potent weapons out there in MCPE



They do not drop scutes when they appear but when grow up.

You get it by killing drowned.

Its drop chance is relatively small.


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