Download Minecraft PE Update Aquatic for free on Android: there’s now a conduit that will increase your powers and simply strengthen you up.

What’s new in MCPE

Another exciting beta version introduced one of the most ancient and potent power sources ever created in Minecraft PE

Making Conduit

Basically, a conduit is a power plant that works only underwater and protects its master from all possible dangers down there in the depths.

However, one cannot find it in nature — you have to make and set one up in MCPE First of all, users must hunt down as many drowned as it takes to get nine Nautilus Shells.

Afterward, one must do some treasure hunting. The best way to do it is to feed a dolphin some raw fish, so it would lead you to a nearby shipwreck. You’ll find a treasure map there.

Navigate using it and locate the buried chest with some precious loot in Minecraft PE The Heart of the Sea is usually there.

All left to do is to combine nine Nautilus Shells and the Heart of the Sea.

Activating Conduit

Nevertheless, users are obliged to turn it on, so it would emit power and wisdom. You’ll need any type of prismarine blocks built in a somewhat spherical form.

You can find the right way to do it on the Web, but it is not as complicated as you think. Once the sphere is constructed, place the Conduit in the middle of it.

Forthwith, you have nearly limitless opportunities in MCPE

Conduit Possibilities

First of all, it allows you to breathe underwater, so players could spend as much time as they need to. Furthermore, all hostile enemies continuously take damage.

Minecraft PE players are also given the ability to see undersea. Generally, anyone who constructed Conduit in this beta indeed rules the seas.



It varies from 48 to 100+ blocks.

They spawn as often as regular zombies.


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