Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android: more bug fixes, loads of improvements, and new blocks with pillagers.

MCPE Features

Mojang Studios has composed another small but vital update, enhancing the game’s core aspects.

For example, the Script Engine has changed drastically.

It turns out that developers now use JavaScript, which allows them to bundle various parts of code into behavior packs.

As a result, mod makers have more possibilities in Minecraft PE


One of the update’s significant additions is pillagers. Those dangerous guys are walking around the world in search of villages and towns.

It appears they raid them, killing anyone inside. However, a player must protect them in order to get the best possible prices in shops of MCPE

Those features don’t work yet, but you can already find them with the Experimental gameplay on.

By the way, pillagers are always hostile and won’t trade with a user.

Raiders drop arrows and can’t equip any armor. They wield crossbows in Minecraft PE


Mojang Studios has also added a new fancy and lush biome called Bamboo Forest. This is where pandas naturally appear in the game.

Jungle pyramids do not appear here, by the way. However, you can have fun with podzol and, most importantly, bamboo in MCPE

On the other hand, this biome is quite rare, so it’ll take lots of time to find it.


Furthermore, new gamerules1 have emerged in the game. The “immediateRespawn” allows users to get back to life instantly after death.

The “showDeathMessages” command turns on or off messages in the chat once someone dies in Minecraft PE

Devs added the /particle request too. When used, it generates chosen particles in the specific coordinates.

It will be quite handy for map makers if they need to point out something rather significant.

All in all, MCPE improves the game’s many old mechanics and adds several new.



They spawn all around the world.

A lily of the valley and a cornflower.

Yes, you can have them now.


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