Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android: lots of new blocks, pillagers, and other exciting features.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios finally releases core elements of the upcoming update. Players can finally have fun with raiders and pretty blocks in Minecraft PE

Besides, there are some changes, making the game even more engaging and entertaining. For example, there are now sign variations.

It means you can craft an oak, spruce, jungle, acacia, and dark oak badges. Furthermore, users are able to dye them using the prefer1ed color in MCPE

Generally, the overall gameplay has bettered and become fascinating.


Mojang Studios added new flowers and many block variations. It turns out a plethora of constructing elements have gained their slabs, stairs, and walls.

For instance, there are now andesite, granite, diorite, mossy cobblestone, smooth sandstone, smooth quartz, red nether brick slabs, stairs, and walls.

Minecraft PE looks genuinely more comprehensive than ever before.

Moreover, users will find new flowers too. A lily of the valley appears exclusively in forests and gives white dye.

On the other hand, a cornflower is blue and can be found in plains of MCPE Therefore we’ve got more vegetation in the game.


For over a decade, villagers have lived in peace, but the time has changed, and there’s a new danger on the horizon.

Minecraft PE introduces despicable pillagers. Those guys are ever hostile and attack town residents as well.

You have to protect villagers from raiders since they possess crossbows, have twenty-four health points, and raid settlements.

Eventually, pillagers are quite perilous since there are no shields yet in the game. However, if you team up with your friends, you can beat them all up in MCPE



You’ll need three blocks in a row.

You need to enable the Experimental gameplay.

There are bamboo forests in the game.


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