Download Minecraft PE Update Aquatic for free on Android: some additional commands and numerous technical improvements are added.

What’s new in MCPE

Mojang Studios are finally wrapping up their work on the Update Aquatic that added new oceans, numerous marvelous biomes, and prior unknown mobs.

Minecraft PE features the latest aspects this sandbox survival hasn’t yet received.


For example, name highlights on servers. Players can change the color of their nicknames from now on. You can get your title decorated with yellow, purple, or red shade or even be written in cursive or bold.

Generally, the customization part is now more vast and offers plenty of settings for the MCPE users.

Talking about servers, we must mention another public server has been introduced for the players. The Hive is a local paradise full of wonders and marvels in the flesh.

This server stars many intriguing and uniquely designed mini-games with numerous outcomes and lots of fun in Minecraft PE

You’ll find The Hive on the list of public servers with many others.

Generally, these manually moderated servers deliver users the best multiplayer gaming experience possible.


However, MCPE also has a brand new command many mod and map makers might find handy and attractive: scoreboards.

It turns out scoreboards are these stats on the right side of your device. If properly coded, you can see and track down the number of kills, XP gained, and more.

/scoreboard command will be the turning point for the makers in the first place. Notwithstanding, many users can enjoy the outcomes, indeed, as well.

By the way, one does not have to get a command block to use these freshly introduced commands in Minecraft PE, making it quite convenient to use.



Simply type /scoreboard and then follow the tips.

Press the Play button, and then switch on the Servers tab.


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