Download Minecraft PE Village & Pillage for free on Android: wandering traders, many new blocks, and lots of fixes.

MCPE Features

Developers keep updating their masterpiece since they are just in the middle of the Village and Pillage development cycle.

For instance, now there are so many new blocks. Besides, even town residents have changed quite drastically in Minecraft PE

They are now cleverer and more tactic since all of them have got tasks and work to do. However, most importantly, villagers look entirely different now.

It turns out Mojang Studios have redesigned their look from scratch. First of all, every job has its unique skin in MCPE

Secondly, those appearances depend on the village’s biome.


By the way, Minecraft PE is not only about Village and Pillage Update but also about Texture Update.

It appears Mojang Studios have changed nearly all textures of the game. Almost every block looks different now.

It was done since developers weren’t keen on the fact their textures were made by different designers, so they looked rather distinct.

MCPE brings similarity to the game’s various constructing elements.


On the other hand, a few mobs have evolved as well. For example, pillagers can no longer be found exclusively in the Experimental Gameplay.

It means you can find them walking around the world quite often in Minecraft PE

Furthermore, users are once again able to heal their cats using raw cod and salmon. Those feline creatures transformed in the previous version.

Cats live in villagers, and ocelots are no longer bound to them, which means you have to catch them no more.

Eventually, MCPE improves many game aspects, making them truly outstanding. Mojang Studios drastically overhauled towns in the game.

Those places will breathe their new life thanks to pillages and jobs.



Looms, lecterns, and other blocks are now in the game.

You can’t use it yet.

No, it doesn’t have it yet.


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